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Meet our consultant pathologists across Malaysia at KPJ Lablink Medical Laboratory

With unrivaled expertise and dedication to precision, our team ensures accurate diagnoses and effective treatment plans. Trust us for excellence in pathology services, leading the way in healthcare innovation.

Our pathologists work tirelessly behind the scenes, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and methodologies to analyze samples and identify abnormalities. From routine screenings to complex diagnostic procedures, our team is equipped to handle a wide range of tests with efficiency and accuracy.

At KPJ Lablink, we understand the importance of prompt results, which is why our pathologists strive to deliver reports in a timely manner, empowering healthcare practitioners to make informed decisions for their patients’ care.

What does a Pathologist do?

In Malaysia, pathologists are specialized doctors who play a crucial role in diagnosing diseases by examining tissue and fluid samples. They meticulously analyze these samples to identify any abnormalities or signs of illness, providing accurate diagnoses that guide treatment decisions for patients.

By collaborating closely with other healthcare professionals, such as oncologists and surgeons, pathologists ensure that patients receive the most effective and personalized care possible.


Dr. Muhammad Nazri Bin Aziz

Person In-Charge / Consultant Medical Microbiologist

M.D. (USM), MPath Medical Microbiology (UKM)
NSR No.: 129390


Dr. Norris Naim

Consultant Blood Transfusion Specialist cum Haematologist

MBBCh (University of Wales, UK), MPath (Haematology), UKM
Specialty: Hematopathology,
Transfusion Medicine
NSR No.: 130291


Dr. Herni Talib

Consultant Histopathologist

MBBS, MPath University of Malaya
Specialty: Histopathology
NSR No.: 130853


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aletza Mohd Ismail

Consultant Chemical Pathologist

MB BCh BAO (Belfast), MPath (UM)
Specialty: Chemical Pathology
NSR No.: 132789


Dr. Roslina Suboh

Consultant Histopathologist

Specialty: Histopathology
NSR No.: 134343


Dr. Norfadzilah Bt Mohd Yusof

Consultant Histopathologist

MB, Bch (Univ. Ainshams), M.Path (UM)
NSR No.: 135410


Dr. Chau Yann Tyng

Consultant Histopathologist & Cytopathologist

MPath. (UKM), FRCPath (UK)


Prof. Dr. Isa Mohamed Rose

Consultant Histopathologist & Cytopathologist

MBBS (Malaya), DCP (London), AM (Mal)

Empowering Healthcare Excellence

Supporting Healthcare Professionals with Precision Diagnosis

Our team of pathologists across Malaysia is here to assist doctors and medical practitioners every step of the way.