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At Lablink, we know not everyone fully understands what medical labs do. Many patients think that taking specimens, such as blood tests, is only for basic checking of cholesterol or blood pressure. But in reality, our job goes way beyond that.

We conduct a variety of laboratory tests in Malaysia that provide doctors with the information they need to treat patients correctly. It’s more than just routine checks – we’re here to support doctors in helping you.

Our Laboratory Tests

Allergy Tests

Identifying specific antibodies to common allergens


Detecting and understanding autoimmune disorders for effective treatment

Chemical Pathology

Analysing chemical processes for diagnosing and managing medical conditions


Examining cells from bodily tissues or fluid to determine diagnosis

Fluids & Stool Analysis

Examining bodily fluids for health assessments and infection detection

Genetic Screenings

Comprehensive genetic testing for wellness, health risks, and personalised interventions


Assessing blood components and morphology to diagnose and monitor disorders


Examining biological tissue for disease under macroscopic & microscopic

Immunology & Serology

Identifying immune-related components for diagnostic purposes


Identifying microorganisms causing infections for precise diagnosis

Molecular Diagnostic

Using molecular techniques to analyse genetic material for the precise detection of diseases


Examining fungal infections for identification and treatment

Tuberculosis and Mycobacteriology

Detecting tuberculosis and mycobacterial diseases

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Accreditation & Certification


Healthcare Practitioners

With 29 laboratories across Malaysia, medical professionals can receive lab test results with varying turnaround times, depending on the specific tests.


Walk-In Patients

At Lablink Diagnosis Centre in Jalan Pahang, we offer exclusive On-the-Spot Testing for individuals who walk in. Patients seeking services at KPJ hospitals are categorized under hospital services rather than walk-in patients.

Please note that health screening packages are only available for walk-in patients at Lablink Diagnosis Centre, Kuala Lumpur.

About Lablink

Established in 1989, Lablink (M) Sdn Medical Laboratory is the largest private hospital offering comprehensive laboratory tests in Malaysia, with a network of 29 hospital laboratories across the country.

Lablink Diagnosis Centre is a reference centre for KPJ laboratories, equipped with state-of-the-art technology that meets international standards for the services offered. Most distinctively, Lablink Diagnosis Centre is the first private laboratory in Malaysia to comply with the Bio-Safety Level 3 (BSL3) Laboratory for testing of highly infectious diseases.

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Improving Lives with Quality Lab Services

Medical laboratory tests are the primary tools for doctors and health practitioners to find, prevent, and treat sickness. Lab tests save lives, keeping you healthy and well-informed.

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