Allergy Test in Malaysia


Discover the impact of allergies on daily life and how KPJ Medical Lablink in Malaysia offers comprehensive allergy testing services. Learn about common allergens, symptoms, and personalized treatment options to effectively manage allergic conditions and improve quality of life.

10 Reasons Why Routine Blood Tests Are Essential in Malaysia


Discover the importance of routine blood tests in Malaysia and how they contribute to early disease detection, monitoring health conditions, assessing organ function, and more. Stay proactive about your health with Lablink Medical’s comprehensive blood testing solutions.

Medical Laboratory Science


Medical Laboratory Science conducts tests on patient samples for diagnosis and treatment monitoring, including operating instruments, identifying abnormalities, ensuring safe transfusions, and maintaining testing quality.

What is Bio-Safety Laboratory?


KPJ Healthcare Bhd (KPJ) and the group’s pathology laboratory arm, Lablink (M) Sdn Bhd, said they were working together with authorities probing a syndicate which sold forged Covid-19 screening test slips.